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About Us

Obessive people who have unsuccessfully fought against their overweight and have now decided to undergo bariatric surgery should contact a good clinic and an experienced team of obesity specialists. It is important that they do not make hasty decisions and inform themselves well.

With us to the desired weight

Doktorlar ve profesyonel ekibi, laparoskopik cerrahi prosedürler alanında olağanüstü bir eğitime ve uzun yıllara dayanan deneyime sahiptir, böylece hastalarımız rutin olarak uygulanan mide küçültme ameliyatlarından ve mükemmel bir bakım kalitesinden faydalanır.

Stomach reduction in Turkey: a safe choice with us

Hospitals have become one of Turkey’s leading private clinics for obesity treatment and surgical stomach reduction. Chief Surgeon Doctors and their professional team perform several hundred successful gastric reduction procedures in our clinic each year, so that each patient receives recommendations and consultations from the chief physician. Neither clinic management nor doctors work with vendors or external consultants. Only the doctor in charge of Private Life Hospital provides fair and complete information about which gastric reduction method is most suitable for the individual case. It describes possible risks and side effects and provides information about conditions in which the operated patient can expect sustained weight loss.

Excellent medical care

The competent, cordial team of the Privat Life Hospital in Antalya is available around the clock for its patients with outstanding specialist knowledge, a lot of empathy and the greatest care. Our top priority is the complex treatment of serious obesity using the latest medical methods and in cooperation with specialists such as specialists in gastroenterology, anaesthetists, nutritionists, psychotherapists, and physiotherapists. In addition, our clinic staff does everything they can to ensure that every patient feels comfortable.