Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

In addition to gastric bypass surgery, tubular stomach surgery is one of the standard procedures in obesity surgery in Antalya. The success of this surgical method, which is also often referred to as sleeve-gastrectomy (“sleeve” means “tube”), is essentially based on the restriction of the amount of food and the associated lower nutrient intake.

Effective stomach reduction by Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey

As a result of the stomach reducing operation in Antalya, the stomach volume shrinks to about the size of a banana. This small stomach can only absorb small amounts of food. The stomach wall expands to a maximum after a very small portion of food, so that the patient feels full after only a few bites. In addition, the stomach reduction sets hormonal changes in motion. Since the operated, smaller stomach produces smaller amounts of the hormone ghrelin (hunger hormone), people with a tube stomach from Turkey have significantly less appetite than before.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Intact stomach function after Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey

During a tubal stomach surgery in Turkey, the surgeon separates about eighty to ninety percent of the intact stomach from the remaining stomach and removes it from the patient’s body. For this reason, this surgical procedure, which in Turkey is generally performed laparoscopically and minimally invasive (keyhole technique), is one of the restrictive procedures in obesity surgery. In contrast to the gastric bypass in Turkey, a tube stomach cannot be “rebuilt” to its original initial situation later.

The big advantage of a tube stomach compared to other surgical methods of obesity surgery in Antalya is that the reduced stomach version retains all the functions of the original stomach. The stomach entrance and the closure of the stomach exit remain unaffected by the laparoscopic tube stomach surgery Turkey, so that the patient can eat, digest and excrete small amounts of food normally after the recovery phase with slow food build-up. With the appropriate indication, a sleeve gastrectomy in Antalya is shorter and less stressful than, for example, a Roux-en-Y stomach bypass.

Efficiency of gastrointestinal tube surgery Turkey

As the tubular stomach is internationally a comparatively new surgical method, there are currently no results available from long-term studies regarding guaranteed weight loss with this method. However, it is already clear today that the chances of success after a stomach reduction in Turkey are very high. According to initial studies, patients lose between 40 and 80 percent of their excess weight in the first two years after gastrointestinal tube surgery in Turkey, thereby improving their general state of health. The results of some studies also show that a change in eating habits and a post-operative movement-oriented lifestyle are indispensable for the lasting success of the surgical intervention in Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Plus in quality of life

The reduction in stomach size, changes in eating habits and weight loss are generally associated with the improvement of numerous important health parameters.

For example, weight regulation as a result of surgery in Turkey gizzards can reduce cholesterol levels to a healthy level, stop impending diabetes, improve existing type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and cure sleep apnea. In addition, patients who have undergone bariatric surgery in Turkey report that, thanks to good advice and support from the medical teams, they began to eat healthier and move more immediately after the procedure.

According to their own statement, they feel fitter and more vital today than ever before.


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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: frequent and safe surgery

Stomach reduction using minimally invasive surgery in Turkey is a highly effective way of achieving sustainable weight reduction for patients with a BMI of 40 or more. For people suffering from a serious disease caused by obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, a tubular stomach is often indicated for a BMI of 30 or more. Extremely obese people sometimes benefit from weight loss due to a tubular stomach as a first step for further, more effective surgical interventions in Turkey, such as gastric bypass or biliopancreatic division. The reason for this is the lower risk of surgery due to the already reduced body weight.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: minimally invasive surgery under general anesthesia

In Turkey, the gastrointestinal surgery is always performed laparoscopically under general anesthesia. For this purpose, the surgeon makes a few small incisions in the abdominal wall through which he inserts the surgical instruments (keyhole technique). The operation under camera observation usually takes about two hours. After cutting off the lower part of the stomach, the surgeon closes the remaining stomach contour with a staple seam. Conventional sutures by hand no longer occur in modern minimally invasive surgery.

Patients who opt for a tube stomach operation in Antalya are guaranteed to be treated by highly qualified teams of doctors and nurses in a well-equipped clinic, according to the latest medical findings and using state-of-the-art technology. All functional areas and clinic systems in Turkey are interconnected through networks, so that every doctor within the clinic has cross-departmental access to all relevant patient data. The excellent organization of bariatric surgery in Turkey saves patients unnecessary duplicate examinations and travel over long distances. In addition, close cooperation between all departments enables rapid intervention in the event of rare complications.

Every gastrointestinal surgery in Turkey is performed under general anaesthesia. Specialized, experienced anaesthesiologists accompany the laparoscopic procedure before the operation, in the operating theatre and on the recovery ward.

Responsible bariatric consultation in Turkey / Antalya

Although obesity surgery in Turkey is safe, there is a certain risk of complications, as with any operation. Therefore, the surgeon, who of course has perfect language skills, informs each patient individually and responsibly in advance about possible risks and rare undesired consequences of a tubular stomach operation in Turkey. The doctors of the Obesity Clinic Turkey often receive invitations as speakers at international medical congresses, where they exchange information with colleagues and their experiences with bariatric procedures.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: fast, sustainable weight loss

Experience has shown that surgical stomach reduction in Turkey leads to a reduction in overweight of between 40 and 80 percent within the first two years. The wide range of possible weight loss results from the sometimes extremely different initial findings of individual obese patients before stomach reduction and their behaviour after surgery. The reasons for the rapid, sustained weight loss are smaller amounts of food, a reduced feeling of hunger and a change in eating habits combined with more physical exercise. Apart from a balanced, healthy nutrition with large fruit and vegetable portion it is important for patients with a surgically reduced stomach in Turkey to be checked by a qualified physician in regular intervals on the vitamin and mineral households to determine and, if necessary, be provided with nutritional supplements. Doing so, the threatening lack of vitamins and complaints accompanying with it can be avoided proactively.

Formerly extremely obese patients might suffer after a tube stomach surgery in Turkey and the accompanying drastic weight loss, particularly at the belly, frequently from skin slackness, so-called fat aprons. Some affected people find the excess skin so disturbing that they suffer from a reduced quality of life despite weight loss and improvement of their general health. For these people the cosmetic surgeons in Turkey are optimal partners. By means of gentle operations they can eliminate this evil in the sense of the concerning.

Manageable Sleeve gastrectomy costs in Turkey

In Europe, America and Australia, applications by obese people to pay for a tube stomach operation are often rejected by statutory health insurers due to strict regulations. After weighing up all opportunities and risks and after detailed consultation, more and more overweight people are opting for minimally invasive surgery in Turkey. Here the costs for a tube stomach are calculated by the clinic exclusively for each individual case, independently of the insurance and of the conditions or reputation of the patient.

The bariatric surgical teams in Turkey consist entirely of experienced experts with excellent training in the field of obesity surgery and an excellent international reputation. With the same performance and quality of care, the tubular stomach costs in Turkey are on average up to 50 percent lower than those in renowned obesity clinics in Europe, America and Australia. The tube stomach costs include all necessary preliminary examinations, detailed consultation, the laboratory, the stomach reduction surgery, the hospital stay, the entire organization, catering, intensive care as well as all necessary materials and follow-up checks. The considerable price difference for the high-quality tube stomach operation is mainly due to the lower general and personnel costs in Turkey.